Tuesday, September 28, 2010

above the plain

in utah’s rocky ranges to new york
the prevalence of fussy puffy coats seemed out of place
the sleek city streets are kind of blown up
those guys wearing the techiest coats
with over a million zippers down
drawing from subtly sturdy sophistication
rugged guys climb mountains in the city
merging two worlds
well versed double lives, diving into the world
fantastical costumes transformed into mesh happy
woodland sprites while a nomad king to
devote the transition to so drastic a balance
helps men find refuge.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

String Theory

a video piece of babies singing a refrain
at the top of their lungs.
the climax breaks with a moment of rage,
thrashes about in a violent attempt to break
in a defeated heap of exhaustion,
to demolish an accident,
often one time auto-destructive influences
with untitled babies turns anarchy in on itself,
the macho power kicking and screaming in the opposite direction
specifically the phallic requires one explosive night scene,
soaking up electrically charged spaces,
i examine the realm to find more interesting places to explore.
currently as part of the two walls of speakers
a web of strings
attached on the curious hybrid of electric towers
pluck the distant hum of feedback
in a separation wall,
silences the other side opposite of themselves
with a distortion the experimental piano player
gently tweaks towards collective harmony.

Friday, September 24, 2010


This heat equals
Flies buzzing around
A reprieve is needed.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

imagine the price of something

Around this time last year
to present the billowing wooden organ
built specifically for everything
the staggering tandem
stood back to back
the shoes were the puzzle
mesmerizing and conjoined vision
crafted to echo,
the impressive handiwork of years
makes sense that to approach to supple
overwrought, conceptual flourishes subtly
designed for example
the simplicity of the monastic standpoint
of desire having a viewpoint
a victim can take that dialogue
and superimpose images onto life,
silhouettes open desire

Friday, September 10, 2010



I need to stop eating before going to sleep at night. My dream included me being chased by priests throwing kernels of corn at me, that exploded upon impact. Soundtrack was "No Record" by The Nihilist Spasm Band.


Last night the priests turned into skeletons with bird heads in priest robes throwing the letters C-O-R-N at me. I start looking for a car to escape in but all the doors were locked, I see a turtle the size of a VW Bug, I climb on top his/her shell, and it took off walking down the street, a little faster than a slow jog. For the rest of the dream, that I can remember, was a serious of travel sequences through a weird, Suessian landscape where I was the only human.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Saturday, September 4, 2010

09.04.2010; DELTA

Delta - Interview
Uploaded by on-point. - Classic TV and last night's shows, online.

09.04.2010; How To Survive an Outbreak from a Committee

How To Survive an Outbreak from a Committee

in space, death surrounds us at all times. a few inches of the chilling embrace, an infinite empty grave and monsters lurking around hope. The perils of advice traversed us.


the intimidating figure
with the plasma cutter
is a stoic protagonist.

don’t be fooled though.

no nightmare is original
now slightly more experience
and capable
the loss of the universe,
the concept of dementia
intersects with the story
and mind...


the classic limb-severing fashion
as in the stasis
the pulse of kinesis
can now launch debris into
sailing towards and impales


from point to point in a scenerio
exchanged magnetic movement
to weave through certain floating spaces
when we found the problem
spinning rapidly closing.


collecting power nodes and time
should have its own unique