Saturday, October 30, 2010


Went to the Irving Arts Center today to see a sound installation by the artist Mineko Grimmer. She creates these sound sculptures where ice and rocks are suspended above wooden sculptures usually with guitar strings, bamboo tubes, and metals. Over a period of time these blocks ice melt dropping water, ice chunks, and rocks down on the sculptures below. Beautiful. I got there as they were replacing the blocks of ice but I walked around the building for a good hour and went back in to catch some of the sounds as the rocks began to fall. It was stunning. I just sat there, along a wall, and waiting with anticipation for rocks to fall just to hear what everything sounded like.

I was really inspired after leaving this show. Earlier in the day I was feeling a little depressed about how I felt about the current state of art and music, feeling that most current art/music is mediocre. After seeing her sculptures I didn't know whether to give up creating art or to go home and work on some of my own art.

I've been really exploring music, which we take for granted here in the States like hip hop and punk, but created in other locations. Today I watched, "Taqwacores", about Muslim punk musicians, the book is more about a fictional house or community
of Muslim punks. Recently, I watched some stories about Iraqi hip hop emcee's and their fight to get their music heard.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

missing video

The missing video from the last post:

a gift given/returned from owl and the octopus on Vimeo.

"the gift given/returned"

Still under construction.

Monday, October 25, 2010

the weekend of this past weekend(er)


Went to BoomerJacks to watch the final game of the Rangers/Yankees game where the Rangers won in a wonderful fashion. However, our service at the bar was terrible.


Pretty much hung out at the house till the HIO show at Lander's Machine Shop. Rain, rain, rain, most of the day but I did get out to get some necessary items, one being some 8mm film converted to DVD:

"a gift given/returned" - 8mm found footage. Still under construction...

The Hentai Improvising Orchestra show was very different than other shows. Lot's of percussion, maybe a little more aggressive than most, but was still very interesting. Lori, from the Firehouse, donated several xylophones, recorders, and other percussion prior to the show so we put them to good use. It was a quiet beginning to the night but as I look through some of the Facebook pages from the night, the evening started to get busier the later the night went on.

A nights sleep minus 2 dogs.


Watched the Alabama/Tennessee game that we recorded from the night before. Finally made it to the grocery store where I was reminded why I hate going to the store.

On a brighter note I started working on a series of HIO games and movies using my Nintendo DSi.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

10.17.2010; Vernon Fisher and stuff

Never fails, when i set out to do something I forget something. Took Jo to get a message so I decided to get a museum membership and go in to see the Vernon Fisher show at th Modern. Dropped my bag off up front then headed in. First piece, reached in my pocket for my pencil and reached for my backpack to get my sketchpad to write in, realized I forgot to get it out before handing over my backpack. I'm too committed now to turn back. Now i have to go back and research artwork titles in order to finish this...
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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Stole this idea from Breaking Light, what I will be playing tonight at Doc's Records and Vintage:

Listed in picture:

1) Small toy guitar. Was a Pixar Toy Story guitar now a HIO altered guitar.
2) Old iBook. Used to film performances with cheap old web cam.
3) 6 string cigar box guitar.
4) 1 string cigar box guitar.
5) iFlip
6) Old VCR videocam
7) Sony video camera

Not pictured:

1) MacBook Pro.
2) Portable turntable.