Saturday, October 20, 2012

Digital vs. Analog vs. Spacesaving

These past few months I have felt the need to downsize my life.  I started throwing away a lot of stuff and rethinking how I approach my life, art, music, and job.  This sounds rather silly.  I have come to acouple of conclusions, 1) it's harder than it looks to downsize and 2) my approach to art and music has switched back to creating art on a smaller scale and creating music on a smaller scale.  


So i've had this internal struggle about analog vs. digital, as most artists do, but i'm thinking digital has partially won this fight. I say partially because my love for the tactile experience of creating analog art can never be swayed, but digitally sketching is okay to me. Music creation for me is just as natural, if not more, digital as it is analog. Another problem I have with digital is if your outside in the sun it's hard to view the screen.  

I have grown quite attached to my Galaxy Tab 2 7", Galaxy III, and to a certain extent my iPad. I would even say more attached than to my sketchbooks and laptop, well maybe not to my sketchbooks.  

Android apps I use:
Sketchbook Pro
SPC Pocketband Pro
Hi Q MP3 recorder
Sythe Free
Polaris Office  

Apple apps I use:
Sketchbook Pro
Buddha machines

I think I will explore digital art creation and music creation further.