Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a couple new portraits

A couple new portraits I took, with some masks that I'm currently working on:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fort Pierce

So many windows boarded,
with no vacancy sign around.
A white bird skips.

03.14.2011; Fort Pierce, Florida

6:31:27 AM

Day 1 down.  

2:30:53 PM

Left Fort Worth around 6:30am made it to Jim's hotel, outside of New Orleans, around 4pm.
Went to Bourben Street to get some grub and daiquiris.  Had a snack at Storyville.  By snack I mean heavy appetizer like étouffée egg rolls and nachos.  Washed those down with an Abita Strawberry beer.  Later we walked around the French Quarter taking photos and people watching.  Saw a homeless woman with "shopping center" feet, plenty of interesting street performers, and architecture.  Made our way to the French Quarter Restaurant for more étouffée and "fried funness", which means fried oysters.  Jim had a brisket po-boy at a seafood restaurant.  Made our way to a daiquiri stand aft which we went back home to relax before we continue the drive. 

2:45:59 PM

8:48:13 PM

Long day driving.  New Orleans to Fort Pierce, FL + 4 stops = 12.5 hours.  Lovely drive with nothing much to see except water, flatlands, and "Anti-Abortion" signs followed by Disney World signs.  We're staying at a Sleep Inn in Fort Pierce, the a 5 star hotel, but a place to lay our heads without being in the car.  Wandered up to a local Wendy's where we continued the trend of having a mediocre meal.  Earlier in the day we had lunch at a place called Beef O' Brady's, where I had their soup of the day, Chicken and Dumplings.  Not a meal to write home to mom about.  Our hotel is surrounded by gas stations, adult stores, closed down and boarded up buildings, and fast food restaurants.

As we arrived we were greeted by a tan stray dog bounding over a small ridge from a small ditch behind the hotel.  Preceding the small predator was a small brown rabbit.  They each darted into and out of some small bushes, zigzagging around the black pavement of the hotels parking lot, only to head east across a small field disappearing into Florida's dark night.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Sanj made it in last night as Spring Break has officially begun. had a little dinner at Fuzzys and came home to relax. Today we wandered around Fort Worth, beginning on 6th Ave. @ Fort Worth Camera and walking all the way to Montgomery Street Cafe and back. After that we rode out to the TCU campus to walk around and to find a deli for lunch. We had a rather delicious lunch @ a place called Carshons Deli on Cleburne Street right off Berry Street.
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Codex of Haikus

I have been looking for something that can combine all my artistic expressions in one thing. I love and find inspiration in such endeavors, i.e. Kurt Schwitters “Merzbau”. While flipping through “Twilight”, not the vampire books, but the collection of photos by Gregory Crewdson, the other night it dawned on me to do something like this. Some of the past thoughts for photos, paintings, or video pieces started coming back to me but this time they seemed to fit together as a sort of a collection.

People without faces but who carry masks in a backpack in order to show emotions, architecture with no real utilitarian purposes, words that just sit in random locations, and more.

Working title for the project, “The Codex of Haikus” or “The Codex of Babel”.

Monday, March 7, 2011