Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Almost midweek

Almost midweek.  Grades are due.  1st project, Grid project, on the way and is due this week.  Parent teacher night on it's way this Thursday.  Decorating the 1st floor in KSU colors and with a football theme.

                                                  the goal post constructed but unpainted.

I have two new songs about ready to go.  Both, "09.06.2011" and "09.11.2011", sound very electronic.  Instruments used:

1.  old broken Casiotone
2.  Ibanez Soundgear 6 string
3.  Garageband loops
4.  Numark portable turntable

New image for Stone Machine Electric t-shirt design.  A combination of a human skull and foo dog.

                                                          foo dog/human skull design

Monday, September 12, 2011

Soundtrack for week of 09.12 - 09.16.2011

1. "Disintegration Loops I" - William Basinski
2.  "Disintegration Loops II" - William Basinski
3.  "Disintegration Loops III" - William Basinski
4.  "Disintegration Loops IV" - William Basinski
5. "Wake Up!" - John Legend/The Roots
6. "The Message" - Dem Southernfolkz.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

09.03.2011; Works in Progress

Some "works in progress":

"ZAP" #1

"ZAP" #2

"ZAP", is two canvases in one.


Yet another "Untitled" piece.

Lately, I've really gotten back into painting. Photography and video has kind of taken a back seat to painting.

Need to start thinking about instruments to build or find for an upcoming project with our wonderful dancer friends/collaborators with the Home Made Dance Project. With electricity issues we may find ourselves playing acoustic a lot.

Current list of instruments:
1. Cymbals
2. Pot lid percussions
3. drum kit parts
4. battery powered toothbrushes
5. combs
6. cabinet doors
7. things to hit other things with