Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Codex of Haikus

I have been looking for something that can combine all my artistic expressions in one thing. I love and find inspiration in such endeavors, i.e. Kurt Schwitters “Merzbau”. While flipping through “Twilight”, not the vampire books, but the collection of photos by Gregory Crewdson, the other night it dawned on me to do something like this. Some of the past thoughts for photos, paintings, or video pieces started coming back to me but this time they seemed to fit together as a sort of a collection.

People without faces but who carry masks in a backpack in order to show emotions, architecture with no real utilitarian purposes, words that just sit in random locations, and more.

Working title for the project, “The Codex of Haikus” or “The Codex of Babel”.

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