Monday, May 30, 2011

05.30.2011; a life simply

i've been thinking a lot lately about how to simplify my life without losing the things that I feel like I need in my life to be enjoyable. This is not some new agey idea or anything like that but I'm striving for a life that is a little more free, where I have time to finish work and do some other things that I enjoy like running more, gardening, and meditating.

There are a lot of books, blogs, and tv shows out there that are supposed to help one with this but they don't take certain things in account like people with ADD, differing lifestyles, etc... Also, these things are a "demotivator" to me because it almost seems like simplifying your life is a fad and I have this mentality that if something is "popular" my attention for it won't sustain itself throughout.

My challenge to myself and hopefully with my blog and my journals/sketchbooks is to document my steps to simplifying my life.

A list of things to do:

1) throw away all unwanted items and items that have not been used or looked at for the past 6 months.

2) determine what things are important in my life and what I want to accomplish day to day, year to year.

3) take time to read more:
a) "The Happiness Project"

4) reduce my web presence.

5) run more/bike more

6) eat better.

This sounds like a New Years Resolution list but it has taken this long for me to get it in my mind that I want to do this.

This site will be dedicated to this....

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