Thursday, March 25, 2010


Just watched "Waiting for Hockney", where artist Billy Pappas spent 10 years creating a drawing of Marilyn Monroe. A drawing of a photograph by Richard Avedon. He attempted to do a drawing so detailed to the point he was working only in sections the size of a period on newsprint. The second goal of this endeavor was to show this drawing to David Hockney. Turns out Mr. Hockney and the people around him were underimpressed with the image. After seeing it I felt quite underwhelmed myself. From afar the drawing was a poor representation of the beauty that was Marilyn Monroe but up close it's quite beautiful. Each hair was shown, each flaw was depicted, every little detail was there. With that said I don't think I could spend a month working on the same piece much less 10 years..

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