Sunday, April 4, 2010

04.04.2010; The Vortex Show

Today HIORGDC, Hentai Improvised Orchestra, Running group, and Drinking Club, performed outside the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth. Before that we walked for a while, from the museum to Heritage Park, via the Trinity River trail, then ran back to the museum this time via 7th Street.

Once we got back we started unpacking and performing inside the "Vortex" sculpture. About 20 minutes into our performance three little children came in and participated in our performance. This is perfect for us in our attempt to get back to our child-like approach to instruments and performance. Since we can't turn back the hands of time we can always be open to participants of any age. It was a bizarre performance where at times it was somewhat peaceful and parts were chaos. The natural reverb became a problem in the recording and it took us a minute to embrace this space and approach it like we should. Also, we had the largest crowd we've ever had, well second largest.

Lunch at Dos Gringos. A little Tex-Mex restaurant within walking distance of the museum. Nothing spectacular but it was edible and fast.

After that, nothing...

Worked on the carrying vessel for my cbg's, so I won't destroy them this summer if we go on a world tour. Did a little painting, played with the dog(s), and started dumping the video from our performance at the Vortex.

Aside: I must go back to Hertage Park and the old buildings that was once part of the La Corte Barrio to take some photographs.