Monday, June 28, 2010

A week of the "Gump"

1) 06.20.2010. Drove 13.5 hours to get home. Had a blow out about 20 miles west of Ruston, Louisiana. Had the tire replaced at the most sad looking Walmart I've ever been to.

2) 06.21.2010. Drove Rooth around. Went through the attic to see what needs to go and what needs to stay. Ate at Ruby Tuesdays. Freezing cold. Had asian dumplings and hamburger shooters with pimento cheese. Both were great dishes. Jim came over for a drink then went up to his house and met the family, minus "mini Jim", who was exhausted and hungry so went to sleep before we got there.

3) 06.22.2010. Found someone to clean attic out. Went to Michael's and Hobby Lobby with Rooth.

4) 06.23.2010. Supervised attic cleanup. The people we hired knocked the attic and garage out in less than 3 hours. The rest of the day was filled with slack and trying to finish Mel's little video for the reception after the wedding. Had dinner at Applebee's. Later, went to Hooters to have a few drinks with Jim.

5) 06.24.2010. Picked Jo up at airport. Hung out with Rooth and Penny a little bit.

6) 06.25.2010. Went to rehearsal dinner at the Montgomery Brewhouse later that day. Prior to the Montgomery Brewhouse I went to the Hank Williams Museum. Pretty interesting stuff. It was cool to see some of the clothes that were made for him and see some of the old instruments that he and some of his bandmates played. It was more interesting to talk to the fella' that runs the place. Picked up the book "Still In Love with You" written by his step-daughter Lycrecia Williams.

7) 06.26.2010. Went to Mel's wedding. Very nice wedding right by Rooth's house. Dark clouds rolled in and within 10 minutes of the ceremony's beginning the bottom fell out. Thunder and lightning could be seen through the sanctuary's windows. Power finally went out. Priest didn't miss a step. Reception was nice and pretty laid back. Got to see a few people that I haven't seen in awhile and a few that I have never met. Rooth wasn't feeling too well so I picked us up a little dinner from Ruby Tuesdays. This time two orders of the asian dumplings. Later in the night we met up with Mel and Davis at the Brewhouse again for drinks.

8) 06.27.2010. Came home, with no delays in travel, and picked up animals. The rest of the evening was taken up by slackness...

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