Monday, December 13, 2010

Some boring thoughts on the past weekend and Soundtrack for 12.13.2010

Lost my computer this past week for about 4 days. Thought I was having some kind of software problem only to discover that it was a hard drive dying on me. Not sure what I have lost because of no backups until I go through my external hard drives but I know there is some music, videos, and photographs that were more recent that I didn't backup. Sucks to be this attached to a piece of technology.

I think I may start doing a few small solo shows in the new year, as "the owl and the octopus" to satisfy my more minimalist side. However, I would love for Hentai Improvising Orchestra to have a lot of shows during the summer so I won't have time to do anything else.
1 more week left till Christmas vacation.

Soundtrack for 12.13.2010:

1. "Hound Dog" - Big Mama Thornton
2. "Breath Taking" - Akio Suzuki and David Toop
3. "Theoretically pure anterograde" - THE CARETAKER


  1. I'm going to try booking five months of Stoogeaphilia shows and leaving the summer for HIO, then picking it up with the Stoogeband again in the fall. That seemed to work well this past year.

  2. Works for me too. I will be heading up north at the beginning of my summer. Maybe I'll have some better and different instruments built on top of us collecting other toys to play.