Saturday, April 9, 2011

Funny how things happen

First, Hentai Improvising Orchestra was sitting outside Hooligans in Denton this past Saturday night when we noticed a crazy group of people who we originally thought were cheerleaders but turned out to be dancers. Ken and I were frightened by said group as they ran towards us at one point only to stop to "pose" for a moment. We called them, "The Cult of Pastel People". The rest of the evening I thought of how we should have an improvising dance troupe join HIO for a show. I reached out via Facebook looking for a dance group to join us for Art Goggle and someone reached out to us. Turns out this someone may or may not be affiliated with the group of "Pastel People" that attacked us last Saturday night.

Second, and I hesitate to write about this, but after work me and a coworker went out for a cool beverage and a game of billiards. We wanted to try a new neighborhood watering hole. As we started playing pool a group of leather clad bikers entered and made their way to our table. We mentioned this to them and they made a few jokes about us wearing "TECH" and "KSU" shirts, but they seemed cool. Later in the evening the gentleman came up to me and mentioned that they had a daughter that attended our school, I asked their daughters name, and was amazed that I knew their daughter. We ended up talking to them for several hours after our introductions.

I mention this because it proves how small this world is. A lot of people told me not to take a job in the same area where I live and when I asked why, their response was that I needed separation from students after school. I have learned that this is not a reason. I love moments like these.

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