Monday, April 25, 2011


Even though the Horn COO was out of town it was a very enjoyable weekend.

Saturday, 04.23.2011:
Jo left town to enjoy some time with her sis and kids. Spent most of the day trying to get ready for the HIO recording later in the evening. 2/3 of HIO arrived around 5:30. Sparky greeted them as they entered making sure everything was alright. After his approval, dinner was started and Hickey and Ken kept dinner lively with some guitar antics and a rousing guitar and balloon duet. The duet was approved by Timmy as he layed under the table as the noise went on.

After dinner we decided to add a soundtrack to the movie "Restrepo", which only Ken watched as he played. It took roughly 52 minutes to draw the music to a conclusion, after which we moved the festivities into the living room to reminisce about the music and to watch the remaining moments of "Restrepo" with sound. After "Restrepo" we watched a bit of various B movies and the majority of Dario Argento's masterpiece, "Suspiria". I think I'm the only one who appreciated the bizarreness and campiness of the movie. Burned some copies of an Apollo 18 cd and this nights HIO music.

Stayed up watching more Argento movies and listening to the thunder outside.

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Sunday, 04.23.2011:
Did nothing today but watch movies, worked on various HIO things, and played with the dogs. I sat around waiting for the rain to come but never did. Jo returned around 7:00'ish, well but tired.

Movies watched:
"Black Sunday" - Dario Argento
"Black Sabbath" - Dario Argento
"Pelts" - Dario Argento
"Shock" - Mario Bava

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