Monday, May 10, 2010


Pretty good weekend, even though my throat was killing me and I didn’t get any sleep. Although, I didn’t find anything at Half Price Books or C D Source, I didn’t get anything built for school or my upcoming show, but other than that everything else was fine.

I finished up new tracks for an upcoming cd, “Do You Make Jesus Want to Vomit”. I’m using mostly sound samples recorded during the weekend of Hentai Improvising Orchestra’s recent show at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center.

Today, I started the beginning processes of “creating” this Merzbau, The Fort Worth Merzbau, a public/private sculpture in my backyard. I’m not real sure why I want to create this sculpture other than because I can but the more and more I think about it the idea of a sculpture that can be moved around in inspires me. I like the thought of this structure that will contain everything that I like and uses mostly trash is exciting.

How to avoid it becoming a pile of trash?

The first stages of the construction will be presented at the Art in the Park, May 22 at the Arlington Highlands shopping center. I have a small space of 10’ x 18’ that we can treat like a portion of gallery space. I think I will install a little installation that once the show is over I can move back to the house to be part of the installation there.

“Do You Make Jesus Want to Vomit” was completed over the weekend.

Saw Iron Man 2, pretty average at best, but it is a mainstream movie based off of a comic book so you get what you get.

“Cabinet of Curiosities; Day 4. The Meeting of Self and God”, was begun this weekend. Supposed to go along with the songs on “Do You Make Jesus Want to Vomit” cd. This film is more about life and death that actually meeting God but that was the title I thought about.

Prom is next weekend and the gallery show at the school the following weekend.

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