Monday, May 3, 2010


Pretty decent weekend.

Nothing notable happened on Friday. Last day of TAKS testing, that’s about it. Went out to the first night of the Other Arts show at FWCAC to see Tammy Gomez/Ramsey set.

Saturday, May 1st was a pretty peaceful day. Worked on a new kalimba and went to a few yard sales. Found some books, an old wine box, and a free end table. End table will be found as part of an installation to be installed at the Arlington Highlands shopping center in May.

The kalimba was made from an old dominoes tin, it was used later that night at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center show, for the first time and probably last time. Sounded “dead”, no resonance and some of the keys had no sound at all. Picked up Ken and headed up to the theatre to set up early for the show. Once that was done we headed up to the seafood place for some grub then went over to The Grotto for the HIO Pub Crawl, besides we needed to wait somewhere for Hickey to arrive after slopping the horses and feeding the pigs. After a couple drinks and enough Kentucky Derby watching to last a decade we headed back to the FWCAC to pick up Hickey and head over to our usual spot, Bull & the Bush.

Once there we walked across the street to Doc’s Records to crate dig before they closed. Found a couple records, which I didn’t purchase, but I did find an old autoharp, which I did purchase. It’s old, missing about 5 strings and the one’s that are still there are rusted. Sounds amazing. Creepy.
My new favorite toy.

Over at the B&B we just did our usual thing, reverted back to our childhood and made silly jokes that only we would laugh at, drank, etc... Dan McGraw found us and decided to join us. Told a wonderful story about writing a story somewhere about drugs, his current story, and how Fort Worth is boring and has nowhere to get good food. Also, gave some helpful grooming tips to Hickey. While Ken conversed with some other patrons and Hickey breaked for some more beverages I walked up to Dairy Queen for some much needed grub, again.

Off to FWCAC for our show we go. James Talambas/Paul Thomas started the night fairly subdued but quite interesting in it’s simplicity. SWIRVE was next, jazzy spoken word to close the first half. During intermission Hickey and I went to McDonalds for some coffee and apple pies. Second half began with Paul Unger/Max Oepen, interesting jazz. HIO closed out the night. Quiet, creepy, and a bit sloppy but after listening to the audio from that night most of Sunday much more interesting than once thought. Two out of three members wasn’t really into the night, for whatever reason, and it showed in the music. Music seems uneasy. Ken couldn’t hear me, Hickey had a few technical issues with a new instrument but through all that we got about 30 minutes of audio. Later, Herb mentioned it was quite different than anything else he heard from us but wasn’t as bad as we assumed it must’ve sounded.

Sunday, was lazy. Didn’t get too much done around the house. Jo laid out in the sun while I worked on a new wood kalimba, dumped the audio from the night before, and read a little bit.

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