Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alexi Biryukoff - "talmenka"

When listening to this current release by sound artist, Alexei Biryukoff, "talmenka" made me forgot where I was. I actually got “confused” with my surroundings because as I listened to this through my noise canceling headphones I knew there were no geese or trains anywhere near urban Fort Worth.

Most people don’t hear the music in everyday life and sounds so it’s always difficult for people to appreciate pure field recordings. It was hard when I was given an early Chris Watson release to listen to but as I listened I got used to hearing natural sounds in recordings, also to someone who doesn’t travel these documents are a treasure. How do you review a release of sounds from one’s surroundings? It’s like walking out your front door and reviewing what you see. I just love listening to the natural rhythm of my surroundings and this is a good example of pure field recordings. From the industrial sounds found in “a six min trip” to “rain” Mr. Biryukoff presents a nice audio presentation of his town.


  1. thanks for writing about my stuff, glad you enjoyed it. But i m not in Serbia - in Siberia actually and my name is misspelled too
    have a good one


  2. Apologize for that, all should be fixed now. Your paintings are nice too.