Saturday, July 17, 2010

Misrepresented Peers

Nothing good happens
As power is lost in the bar
Actually in the part that I occupy
As a rain delay occurs
In the game I watch
People stand around me
Flirting with people
As they did many years prior
Uninvited guests arrive
But are welcomed with open arms
As drinks flow
Noise rises
My sanctuary is dismissed
people crowd my chair
The bar hands do their best
To keep the hordes satisfied
I imagine lizards occupying a buffet line
As people march in
corralled by some overweight
Housewife checking names off
Bob smith arrives at the bar
Naming off the microbrewed beers he searched
All this to impress the masses he didn't like in the past
What one does to impress
To look good in the eyes of misrepresented peers

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