Sunday, July 18, 2010

this weekend


Yells at Eels rocked.

Cool Kids put a perfect ending to a great night.


Ate brunch at Bread Winners. San Antonio Tacos = Soft taco filled with eggs, sour cream, cheese, and black beans. Place was packed.

Went to see "The Kids Are All Right Now" at the Magnolia Theatre. Pretty funny movie. Was great in portraying tension. Julianne Moore needs to keep her clothes on.

Then came home to watch "Greenberg" with Ben Stiller. Ben Stiller goes through life pissed off and wanting to do nothing, a wonderful utopia in most peoples minds but what a let down. Good movie all the way through till the very ending to which we still don't understand what the hell just happened.

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  1. You're gonna have to explain that Julianne Moore comment.