Friday, April 9, 2010

04.09.2010; I would like to thank all those that made my trip to the "gump" possible:

1) First and foremost, God. Without the man above I wouldn't be standing here today. Nah, really, I want to thank Jo for letting me borrow her sweet ride.

2) Frank Zappa for writing songs like "Dancing Fool" and "Valley Girl".

3) DangerMouse for piecing together the Grey Album.

4) Mississippi fire and brimstone radio stations

5) The old man in the black F150 or whatever driving 15 miles under the speed limit slowing down traffic.

6) Pretzels

7) Ira Glass and everyone working on the This American Life podcast

8) Steve Jobs for developing the iPod.

9) Cruise control.

10) Quiktrip coffee.

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