Monday, April 19, 2010

Pretty laid back weekend

1) Took Jo’s car to Walmart to get the oil change and tires rotated before she drove out to east Texas to see her sister. That took a few hours due to Walmart’s managements genius move of laying off the opening cashier back in the service department.

2) Spent a couple hours trying to clean my classroom so another teacher can use it the next couple of weeks for math tutoring and TAKS testing.

3) Met some coworkers at Grimaldi’s Pizza in Dallas for some lunch and baseball. Which Texas went on to lose 3 to 7 against the hated Yankees.

4) Stayed away from Record Store Day but did get the reissue of John Fahey’s “Yellow Princess”.

5) Started on a new cigar box guitar for the contest on Cigarbox Nation, where we’re asked to build a double neck cigar box guitar. Drew a couple different designs:

a) a simple double neck with two diddleybow necks.
b) a double neck with one diddleybox at the top for a bass string and a expanded diddleybow neck at the bottom incorporating 5 sympathetic drone strings and a playable string.

I decided to combine the two and make one neck with three sympathetic strings and one neck with a playable string.

6) Spent a lot of time watching Asian horror films and Stanley Cup playoff games.

a) Tokyo Gore Police
b) Samurai Princess
c) Tokyo Zombie
d) Versus

7) Destroyed some existing artwork and started creating something new and different from their remains.

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