Sunday, April 25, 2010


Still under production

Still under production

Pretty good weekend.

Friday, 04.23.2010;
Got some work done on my new entry into the cigarboxnation.com double neck cbg contest. Worked on some paintings and that's about it.

Saturday, 04.24.2010;
Got some errands completed with my co-pilot, Sparky, but unfortunately for him PetSmart was out of his favorite food. Worked on the cbg again and some paintings. Took a nice nap while the lawn guy sweated pulling up monkey grass out of two of my flower beds. Later in the evening went to a friends 40th birthday party at the Tyler House in Oak Cliff. I learned, as if I didn't know by now, that I just don't fit in with "professionals".

Sunday, 04.25.2010;
Hung out with my wife outside all day. Wonderful. Again, worked on the double neck cbg, almost finished now. Went to the Stash Dauber's for a lawn chair party. Quite enjoyable, best part of the evening, "Mime in a Bag".

"Mime In A Bag". chalk on concrete. 2010

double neck cbg in production

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